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Why choose us ?

We are different from other law schools in the country. Our college is run by prominent legal luminaries of the country. Our teaching method is a modern one supported by informational and communication technology. We take into account skill and ethical values while teaching law. Furthermore, we do not confine our students merely to doctrinal study rather we focus on practical case study method. 

The Key features of the National College include:

1. E- Library System 

2. Virtual Classroom ( via E-learning) Facilities

3. Comparative Approach

4.Inter Disciplinary Course Contents

5.Clinical Legal Education

6.Partnership with various Stake Holders for Career Planning.

7. Workshop, Seminars and Training on specific areas of Law

8. International Educational Networking

9. Linking Law Education with development

10. Ethical Legal education with smile

11. Center for Right to Information


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