Introduction to National Law College

A legal institution with a public purpose, we are committed to providing state of the art education.

Founded in 2012, National Law College (NaLC) is the first private law college affiliated to Tribhuvan University. NaLC follows the interdisciplinary approach to provide quality, competitive and ethical legal education. The vision of college is to produce graduates prepared to excel in a rapidly changing world so as to promote rule of law and development through educational excellence.

Situated at the heart of Lalitpur, Sanepa, Nepal, NaLC strives to enrich the ethical legal culture in the country. It's proximity to courts, legal institutions enables students to experience the practice of law, as well as its theory in the most vibrant legal education environment.

Criminal Defense Capacity Enhancing Training

National Law College in a partnership with The Public Defender Society of Nepal (PDS-Nepal), a partner of the International Legal Foundation, is hosting 9-day intensive training to enhance the capacity of lawyers to provide criminal defense representation.
ILF/PDS-Nepal’s experts have successfully trained more than 500 criminal defense lawyers.
This training is designed for all experience levels. It will provide:

  • Practical skills to provide proactive, rights-based representation
  • Day-to-day litigation techniques from the time of arrest through the final stages of the case
  • Performance standards for quality representation
  • Case analysis while conducing sessions.
  • Comparative international practices will be incorporated

For details pricing and registration process: Please click here
For training content: Please click here

For more information
Email: or
call to: 01-5013093/94 (NaLC)
01-4218468, 4223545 (ext. 300) PDS-Nepal

Message from the Founder Principal/Executive Director

The standard of legal education in our country is rudimentary. For the development of educational quality, I strongly believe in materializing thoughts with the intense determination of identifying social facts to bring them into practical reality. With the motive of producing legal professionals within the country in international standard, NaLC has not compromised in terms of physical infrastructure or human resources. Every year the flow of mass students to abroad to achieve the degree of law is multiplying. Therefore, our institution is dedicated to maintaining the international standard of legal education incorporating full phase digital facilities including online assignment, online library services, powerpoint-based class discussion and periodic update of the legal development in the country.

I believe NaLC will be the best option for them to pursue standard legal education in the country.  The teaching faculty members including professors..

Message from the Chairperson

Throughout my legal career I have always wanted a legal system with dynamic and qualified legal practitioners, officers and researchers. With the development of technology and plethora of information available need of dynamic and qualified legal personnel is even more evident in the current time period. Therefore, a modern legal education system that encompasses not only the theoretical knowledge but also imparts practical knowledge is a must in this era. In order to provide that, NaLC has a qualified and dedicated team with mixture of both youth and experience along with scientific and practical education. NaLC has brought forward a program which will empower students with the necessary knowledge and skills for legal field and beyond in order to keep up with the need of the time.

-Surya Dhungel, PhD


National Law College, Lalitpur

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