Message from the Founder

"I believe NaLC will be the best option for them to pursue standard legal education in the country."

-Dr. Ram Krishna Timalsena,

Executive Director/Founder Principal,

National Law College, Sanepa Height,

Lalitpur, Nepal

The standard of legal education in our country is rudimentary. For the development of educational quality, I strongly believe on materializing thoughts with the intense determination of identifying social facts to bring them into practical reality.With the motive of producing legal professionals within the country in international standard, NaLC has not compromised in terms of physical infrastructure or human resources. Every year the flow of mass students to abroad to achieve the degree of law is multiplying. Therefore, our institution is dedicated in maintaining the international standard of legal education incorporating full phase digital facilities including online assignment, on line library services, power point based class discussion and periodic update of the legal development in the country....
I believe NaLC will be the best option for them to pursue standard legal education in the country. The teaching faculty members including professors, associate professors, assisting professors and adjunct faculty members as well administrative members are self-motivated, cultured and professional in their respective jobs.
NaLC is established to fill in the gaps between theory and practice. Only delivering education is not enough for the sustainable development of the country. Our concentration is to endow with ethical legal education blended with human rights and right based approach to development so that our product can get modern education keeping our human value intact. Ethical legal education is essential to foster ethical governance which can be obtained at NaLC. Moreover, we focus on legal skill and attitude towards positive change through critical legal reasoning. We also believe that law, economics and development must go together. Therefore, NaLC develops interdisciplinary approach as one of the effective teaching methodology. The school is committed to support our product for the suitable placement in the national and internal job market.
On behalf of NaLC, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all the friends and well-wishers for their generous support since its establishment. It is a pleasure to share the vision with all of you of what NaLC is and what it is steadfast for.